Our Premium Meat Boxes

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Get your friends & family to arrange five boxes (including your own) delivered to the same address and we will give you one Frenched Mottainai Lamb Rack for free!

The Luxury Box

Luxury Box


If you can’t travel 1st Class Emirates cabin for a while, why not enjoy the same premium quality lamb rack at home! There is simply no comparison, but the problem is lamb will be ruined forever once you taste Mottainai Lamb racks! This box includes the best lamb rack Rob Broadfield has ever tasted, a pack of sweet, tender diced lamb, Mottainai boneless shoulder full of marbled meat for braising, lamb osso buco to make the most incredible Lamb Ragu, and 2 tender Mottainai Lamb mini-roasts for healthy, simple and elegant mid-week meals.

The Family Box

Family Box


The Mottainai Lamb Family Box has something for everyone – the best banjo leg roast you will ever share with your family, T-Bone chops for the adults & burgers for the kids, an incredible butterflied lamb leg that has better eating quality than most lamb racks, 2 big lamb shanks to cook ‘low and slow’ and 1kg mince.

The BBQ Box



Prepare for the Unforgettable – Mottainai Lamb Low & Slow

Innovate, Challenge Yourself and most of all Enjoy the experience of barbecuing the only lamb meat in the world having 10-times the marbling of traditional lamb. We know you won’t be able to wait so we have included a pack of burgers, 4 succulent Lamb T-Bone chops like you have never seen before, 2 * Lamb Bellies that are out of this world, then the pièce de résistance – Mottainai Lamb Banjo Shoulder that will come apart in handfuls of succulent sweet meat.

The Essentials Box

Essentials Box

$120.00   ** Limited Time Offer **

Enjoy the basics with a little bit of luxury. This gives you the 2 big meaty lamb hind shanks, mince to create whatever else takes your fancy, Mottainai Easy Carve Leg that many chefs say has better eating quality than most lamb racks, and something special – 2 * Mottainai Lamb Mini Roasts. perfectly portioned for an elegant meal with fine texture and extremely easy to cook.