Rack of Lamb

Marble Score: 5 Star 

Portion Size: 1.1kg/ 2.5 lbs

Mottainai Lamb Racks are mild and buttery with a sweet aroma. They are tender with fine bones coming from young well grown lambs.

With beautiful presentation, they are best suited to roasting or cut individually and grilled.

Lamb Porterhouse

Lamb Porterhouse

Marble Score: 5 Star

Portion Size: 1.1kg/ 2.5 lbs

Healthy oleic and omega-3 fats are intensely marbled throughout the meat, making it extremely tender.

The Porterhouse comes as a whole piece that can be cut and served as grilled juicy chops, a tender loin roast or dry-aged for your special creation.

Lamb Ichibo Steak (Rump)

Marble Score: 3 Star 

Portion Size: 0.7 kg/ 1.5 lbs

The Mottainai Ichibo Steak (rump) is big and juicy as carrots and olives make our lambs healthy.

Lamb rumps have a fine firm texture perfectly suited for grilling or roasted whole due as the fat coverage that keeps the juices within.

Lamb Ribs & Belly

Marble Score: 4 Star

Portion Size: 1.25 kg/ 2.75 lbs

Mottainai Lamb Ribs & Belly is a delicacy rarely found with this level of intramuscular fat and soft meat. Being a whole piece, it can be grilled, allowing the fat to crisp or slow braised. The tender meat will melt in your mouth.

Rib Eye Fillet

Marble Score: 5 Star

Portion Size: 0.45 kg/ 1.0 lbs

The Mottainai Rib Eye Fillet is intensely marbled, with succulent texture that melts in your mouth.

The Rib Eye is highly versatile, and is well suited to thinly sliced Japanese cooking styles, or served as a delicate fillet steak.

Semi Boneless Leg

Marble Score: 2 Star

Portion Size: 2.3 kg/ 5.0 lbs

The Mottainai Semi Boneless Leg is easy to carve but for the hind shank that remains for extra depth of flavour. The perfect balance of lean meat and healthy fats keeps the juices within and the meat moist and tasty.

Banjo Shoulder

Marble Score: 3 Star

Portion Size: 2.0 kg/ 4.5 lbs

Mottainai Lamb Banjo Shoulders are the perfect way to bring to people together, around delicious meat that literally falls of the bone. It is lamb meat like you have never tasted before.