Mottainai Lamb is the result of collaboration between horticulture, agriculture and science.

Our story of evolution is as unique and intriguing as the product itself. It is estimated that one third of the world’s food is lost or wasted each year, compounded by a large proportion of crop and food production diverted into animal feed or biofuels. Between 20 and 40 per cent of fruit and vegetables grown in Australia is rejected even before it reaches the supermarket because the produce does not meet cosmetic standards.

Mottainai Lamb is different… 80% of the food fed to our lambs is recycled organics that would otherwise go to landfill. Carrot pomace (by-product from juicing), unsaleable carrots, green carrot leaf and sedimentary olive oil is carefully collected and scientifically blended with cereals, vitamins and minerals for a nutritionally balanced diet.

Sustainably produced marbled lamb meat that is a source of Omega-3 with Increased Oleic Fatty Acids.

Our Story


Mottainai Lamb is extraordinary tasting lamb meat that demonstrates the ability of Australia’s red meat industry to produce food without depleting natural resources or compromising its health and integrity.

Our focus is improving efficiency of both horticulture and agriculture to achieve a sustainable food system. Our lambs are big and healthy producing more lean meat per animal whilst eating less competing protein.

Our Story

Healthy food for people;
Sustainable food for the planet

Our associated business, Sumich, is the largest producer, packer and exporter of carrots in the southern hemisphere, in addition to producing olive oil, almonds, celery, onions and 10MW renewable wind energy.

Because carrots grow in the earth – not test tubes, they sometimes grow misshapen or crack making them unsaleable. Being committed to a sustainable food system, Sumich process these carrots to produce premium quality carrot juice concentrate. Carrot pomace is the by-product from juicing.

RATHER than discard the carrot pomace as organic landfill, we have discovered a safe and sustainable way to feed this highly digestible fibre to lambs applying a nutritionally balanced ration. We also enter the carrot field daily after harvest to collect fresh green carrot tops/ grass to include in the feed ration.

Sumich extra-virgin Olive Oil is cold-pressed and processed without any heat, chemicals or additives. After the oil has been stored to settle sediment is separated from the oil. Rather than discard this sedimentary olive oil we feed it to our lambs. Our unique blend of bespoke organic foods combine naturally to release healthy oleic and omega-3 fatty acids at levels not previously identified in red meat.

We believe in farming today so we can still farm tomorrow and for generations to come. This is what sustainability means to us.