Mottainai Lamb has over 30% marbling making it the only lamb meat in the world comparable to the second-highest grade of Japanese wagyu beef!

It not only tastes great, it is also good for you because these fats are beneficial oleic and omega-3 fatty acids. The flesh is beautiful with thick threads of healthy fat, giving it a lustrous quality. It has sweet flavour just before your mouth is flooded with a smooth clean buttery sensation as the fat melts from the warmth of your tongue.

Mottainai Lamb is completely different: Highly Refined Meat the World has Never Experienced…
Until Now


Supply of Mottainai Lamb is not affected by seasonality. Our lambs receive the same food every day of the year hand mixed from fresh, organic produce. We promise premium quality lamb meat that tastes exactly the same – every time.

Functional Food

Mottainai Lamb is a source of Omega-3 fatty acids and has over 45% oleic acid as a percentage of total fatty acids in the meat.


Mottainai Lamb has a wonderful taste and elegant flavour with the added benefit of extended shelf-life due the exceptionally high level of intramuscular fat intricately woven within the meat.

Stability & Shelf Life

Carrots contain high levels of Vitamin A and the antioxidant beta-carotene. Olives contain high levels of Vitamin E and the antioxidant Oleuropein. Mottainai Lambs are exceptionally healthy producing extraordinary red meat.


Mottainai Lamb comes from young animals we breed or procure from local farmers. We guarantee all meat is hormone and antibiotic free and the food they eat is GMO free. We are committed to natural production and humane farming practices.

Quality Assurance

All Mottainai Lambs are handled responsibly consistent with our Livestock Production Assurance certification. We warrant full traceability of meat supported by Australia’s National Livestock Identification System. Mottainai Lamb is packed and processed in HACCP certified facilities consistent with an approved Halal programme and regulated by the Australian Government guaranteeing superior food safety and hygiene.